Olivia Langley
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21 October 2005
Working on nights and feeling very, very nauseous, didn't really think i was pregnant, but because i was on medication decided to do a test - POSITIVE! Couldn't wait to get home and tell your daddy - we are both so excited
7 November 2005
Because i have had a previous miscarriage i was booked for an early scan - all we saw of you was a little dot, but all was fine and i was 7 wks + 2 days pregnant
6 December 2005
Now for my 'proper' scan - 11 weeks + 3 days pregnant - and we could see all your features and you were waving your little hand about - a beautiful sight for me & your daddy. Scan has agreed with my dates - you're due on Sat 24 June 2006 - can't wait
7 February 2006
Time for 20 week scan - mummy & daddy would like to know if you are pink or blue, but you were having none of it - kept your legs closed all through scan, well we will wait & see......
All is well otherwise, just waiting now.........
2 May 2005

32 weeks + 3 days now and my consultant says you're breech, but time to move yet, hope so........

16 May 2006
34 weeks + 3 days and another scan to check your position, if you're still breech then maybe you won't turn and a caesarean would be needed...... oh look you've moved and all ok, so still waiting. Dr can see if you pink or blue, but me & daddy said we'll wait and see now, as not long to go
24 June 2006
Well your due date came & went & no sign of you making an appearance
27 June 2006
Still no sign of you, another antenatal appt and all is well. Induction for 4 July - mummy & daddy's wedding anniversary - if you've still not arrived - we can't wait to meet you
1 July 2006
We think you're ready to make an appearance, mummy has been contracting for several hours and daddy's in a panic - you're still happily moving about, so we stayed at home a while longer........
2 July 2006

........Mummy & daddy went to hospital at 0045hrs, in pain but very excited, we're going to see our baby soon........

But when Ann tried to find your heartbeat it wasn't there, you had gone.........

After a long day, in a blurry haze, our darling daughter:

 Olivia Grace Langley was born sleeping at 1844hrs on 2 July 2006 at Warrington Hospital, Cheshire


10 July 2006

We said goodbye to our beautiful little girl at St Helens crematorium xxxxxxxxxx

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